Charter Review Commission


This Charter may be amended in accordance with the Constitution and State Law.

(b)     The City Council shall, at its first regular meeting in June, after two (2) years of the adoption of this Charter, then at intervals not to exceed six (6) years thereafter, appoint a Charter Review Commission of five (5) qualified voters of the City who do not hold a publicly elected office of any type. The Commission shall select a chairperson. It shall be the duty of the Charter Review Commission to:

(1)     inquire into the operation of the City government under the Charter provisions and determine whether any such provisions require revision. To this end, at least one (1) public hearing shall be held and the Commission shall have the power to compel the attendance of any officer or employee of the City and to require the submission of any of the City records which it may consider necessary to the conduct of such hearing;

(2)     make any recommendations it considers desirable to ensure compliance with the provisions of the Charter by the departments of the City;

(3)     propose amendments to this Charter to improve its effective application to current conditions and State Law; and

(4)     report its findings and present its proposed amendments, if any, to the City Council.

(c)     The City Council shall receive and have published in a local newspaper notice of all reports submitted by the Charter Review Commission, shall consider any recommendations made, and may, but shall not be required to, submit proposed Charter amendments to the qualified voters of the City in the manner provided by State Law, as now or hereafter amended.

(d)     The term of office of the Charter Review Commission shall be six (6) months, and, if during this term no report is presented to the City Council, then all records of the proceedings of the Commission shall be filed with the City Secretary and shall be a public record.

State constitution reference–Adoption or amendment of charter, Texas Constitution, art. 11, sec. 5.

State law reference–Adoption or amendment of charter, V.T.C.A., Local Government Code, sec. 9.001 et seq.


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Ryan West

John Sardelich

Paul Smith

Wayne Dodd