Palacios Municpal Airport (PSX)

Palacios Municipal Airport covers an area of 1,538 acres at an elevation of 14 feet (4 m) above mean sea level. It has three runways with concrete surfaces:

  • 8/26 is 5,001 by 150 feet (1,524 x 46 m)
  • 13/31 is 5,001 by 150 feet (1,524 x 46 m)
  • 18/36 is 5,001 by 75 feet (1,524 x 23 m)


Camp Palacios was originally established as a summer training camp for the 36th Infantry Division of the TX National Guard after the Palacios Campsite Association donated the land to the state in 1926. As a result of World War II, Palacios Army Airfield was constructed in 1943 and opened in August by the United States Army Air Forces as a maintenance depot and supply facility for Air Technical Service Command. At the end of the war the airfield was determined to be excess by the military and turned over to the local government for civil use.

Airport Committee

The airport committee was established to oversee the operation, growth, and promotion of the Palacios Municipal Airport. The airport committee meets on the third(3rd) Monday of each month.

Airport Committee Members:

Gary George, Chairman: (713)882-0500

Gabriel Gonzalez: (512)751-2500

Steven Johnson: (979)557-3042

James Moerbe: (979)241-5000

Charles Rhoades: (979)241-1296

September 18, 2023 Meeting: Agenda

August 21, 2023 Meeting: Agenda

July 17, 2023 Meeting: Agenda

May 15, 2023 Meeting: Agenda

April 17, 2023 Meeting: Agenda

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Manuel Guevara


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Gary George (713)882-0500