Boards and Committees


The City of Palacios has seven active advisory boards and committees, each set up to perform specific functions.  In addition, task forces and ad-hoc committees may be created to address particular issues.

Citizen participation in local government is essential if we are to maintain the quality of life we enjoy in Palacios.  Opportunities exist for citizen volunteers to work in harmony with the government by serving on advisory boards.

The City Council appoints members of the boards and committees.  All positions are voluntary and members are not compensated for their time.  However, the individuals who serve on the boards and committees provide an invaluable service to the City.  Their advice and expertise on a wide range of topics assist the City Council in its decision-making process.

All board and committee meetings are open to the public pursuant to the Texas open meeting law.  Sufficient notice must be given to the public before a meeting is called.  All proceedings are matters of public record.