Municipal Court

Court Function and Jurisdiction

The Municipal Court of the City of Palacios shall be established and maintained for the trial of misdemeanor offenses, and shall have all powers prescribed by Texas State Law.

The Municipal Court handles City Code violations in addition to traffic offenses and other Class “C” misdemeanors and fine only offenses. The Court Clerks process and maintain all records of the court.


Nothing contained herein is intended to be nor should be construed as legal advice and should not be relied upon as such. The information on this site is complied and made available as a public service by the Palacios Municipal Court.

However, neither the court nor the City of Palacios makes any warranty as to the accuracy, reliability, or completeness of the information herein, and is not responsible for errors or omissions, or for results obtained from the use of this information. Distribution of the information does not constitute such a warranty. Use of the information is the sole responsibility of the user.

Mission of the Palacios Municipal Court

The mission of the Palacios Municipal Court is to serve all citizens in a courteous, efficient and professional manner and to provide a forum for justice to ensure that all citizens served by the Palacios Municipal Court are treated fairly and equally, without regard to race, sex or religion, while abiding by all applicable guidelines and laws.

Entering a Plea

Upon receipt of a citation, you must enter a plea of Not Guilty, Nolo Contendere/ No Contest or Guilty. A plea must be entered within 12 business days of the date your citation was issued. You must select a plea on each violation charged be requesting a plea form at the clerk’s window. Please be advised, only the person who received the citation can sign the plea form. Your plea can be made in person or by mail.

Not Guilty:

A plea of not guilty means you are informing the court that you deny guilt. Upon a plea of not guilty, a “pre-trial” date will be sent to you to appear before the prosecutor.

Nolo Contendere/ No Contest

A plea of no contest/nolo contendere means there is no contest to the charges against you. A plea of nolo cannot be used against you in the event of a subsequent civil suit for damages. Upon a plea of no contest, the fine must be paid. You may mail your payment to the court, bring it in person, or pay online.

Contesting a Ticket (Citation)

If you wish to contest a ticket, you may request a Pre-Trial Hearing. Simply ask for a plea form at the time of your initial appearance, read it carefully, and select the plea which allows you to be set for Pre-Trial.

Requests for a deferred disposition must be done at a Pre-Trial Hearing. Clerks have no authority to grant a deferred disposition in any circumstance.

Driving Safety Course

You MUST obtain permission from the court prior to taking a Drive Safety Course.

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. You must have a present and valid, NON COMMERCIAL Texas Driver’s license or permit; or be a member or the spouse or dependent of a member of the United States military forces serving on active duty.
  2. You must enter a plea of guilty or no contest (nolo conteder)
  3. You must be charged with a moving violation as defined by the Texas Transportation Code.
  4. You must not have completed a Drviving Safety Course or Motorcycle Operator Training Course within the proceeding 12 months of the date of the offense. 
  5. You must provide evidence of current vehicle liability insurance at the time of the request. (Liability insurance will be verified by the clerk by contacting your insurance company.)
  6. You must pay the court costs and administrative fee at the time of the request.
    • Moving Violation: $144.00
    • School Zone Moving Violation: $169.00

Taking the Course

If you meet the requirements, you will sign a Driving Safety Course affidavit and provide your license and insurance to the clerk. You must submit an original court copy of the Driving Safety Course completion certificate from a course provider certified by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR). The certificate must be signed, must have Palacios Municipal Court listed as the court, and must be submitted to the court on or before the 90th day indicated on  your Driving Safety Course order. If you do not take the course within the allotted time, you will not be allowed any refund of any fees paid and a conviction will appear on your driving record.

Speaking with the Judge

A judge may not discuss your case with you, as that is “ex-parte” communication and is unethical. The Judge has no authority to dismiss any case.


Tickets may be paid during normal business hours in the Municipal Court Office.

Municipal Court Judge
Suzan Thompson

Municipal Court Clerks
Sonia Martinez:
Heather Pena-Fitts:

313 Henderson
Palacios, TX 77465

Palacios Municipal Court Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday
8 am to 5 pm

Show Cause Court Dockets

September 06, 2023

August 23, 2023

Jury Trial 7/27/23 @ 9am Cancelled

June 22, 2023

June 08, 2023

May 25, 2023

May 11, 2023